Christmas Reindeer Bowtie


These reindeer bow ties have a neckband that goes around the neck with a clip at end to hold it in place. These are great for a formal spring style, perfect accessory to a tuxedo or a suit, excellent for wearing to a wedding or any other formal occasion.The adjustable strap takes it up to 19" in length, making it a great accessory that can be adjusted for a custom fit and comfort.

1. material:Velvet fabric
2. length: 11.5*6cm
3. big tails width: 6cm
4. interlining: good-brushed interlining(Poly )

Pre-tied bow ties come with an adjustable strap that makes them a one size fits all

These bow ties are great for formal and casual occasions, whether it be a prom, a wedding or a birthday party
Inividual Boxed